The four walls of a 10 x 14 room in New Jersey couldn’t contain Ben James’ dream.

As an 11-year-old, Ben had a fascination with rap and hip-hop. “My brother, Brandon would write raps with his friends and show me them from time to time. It was only a matter of time before I would copy him,” Ben remembers.

The young Ben James kept practicing, waiting until his father left the house to sneak in the attic and record his songs. That’s where he fell in love with the whole process: the drama, the intensity and the bars.

It became clear that his obsession with rap wasn’t going away. “My father began to see my passion and what I was delivering in the lyrics. It changed him, and I’m so thankful. My family, in general, are a huge support system.”

With his family on board and his confidence in his developing talent, Ben began to approach industry executives and producers.

One of those executives was Ty “Swaggalee” Scott.

Scott is a 14-year veteran of the entertainment industry, and has worked with everyone from Babyface to Trey Songz. When Ben went to LA to meet with Scott, things began to take shape.

Late night studio sessions with industry pros sharpened Ben’s skills. He soaked up the experience, working with everyone he could, including Grammy-award winning producer Drumma Boy.

The dream became real and the path forward was clear.

Pulling from the inspiration and unpredictability of a life being lived, Ben James’ music is the diary of a man learning, growing and changing. He makes music that tell stories and make you feel something, whether it’s dance, cry or remember.  This mission still guides him – a mission to make you feel.

Ben James’ story began in a 10 x 14 room, but it won’t end there.

From LA to New York, the studio to the stage, Ben James is real.